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World Changers in Chesapeake

I was just browsing thorough the PilotOnline when I saw an interesting article about volunteer work taking place this week in Chesapeake.  For the fourth straight year, World Changers volunteers will be helping to spruce up some Chesapeake homes in need of painting, repairs and landscaping.  World Changers is a volunteer group of the North American Mission Board of Southern Baptist Convention that aims to help beautify communities where residents cannot afford to do so themselves.  Some residents who will benefit from this volunteer work are unable to perform the repairs themselves because they are disabled or elderly.

This year there will be 300 youths involved in the project.  The young volunteers come from all over the country and one has even come from Germany to help those who cannot help themselves.  Volunteers each pay up to a couple hundred dollars out of pocket in order to spend a portion of their summer vacations helping those in need.  The youths provide the labor and the city funds the materials to be used in painting, landscaping and repairing homes for disabled, low income and elderly residents in Chesapeake.  The youth volunteers will be staying at Oscar Smith High School and local area churches will provide lunches for the young workers.

This is a great way for those who physically or financially cannot maintain their homes to get some much-needed repairs, painting and landscaping services at no cost.  It is also great to see the youth of America taking a proactive role in maintaining their communities beautiful.  If you would like to read this article entitled, “World Changers help spruce up Chesapeake” in its entirety at


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