A glimmer of hope for Fun Forest in Chesapeake

As some of you may already know, 1/3 of the Fun Forest Children’s Park in Chesapeake was burned down by an arsonist on the morning of April 1st. Well, according to an article that I have just read in HamptonRoads.com entitled, “Burned Chesapeake Park a finalist in Sears makeover contest”, the city of Chesapeake and some local volunteers could be receiving much needed funds to help rebuild this local children’s park.

Currently Fun Forest Children’s Park is one of the 10 finalists in the Sears More green Across America Contest. The winner of this contest will be chosen by an online vote that will end on May 5. As of this morning, Fun Forest Children’s Park was in first place with 10,405 votes. Southern Park High School is currently in second place with 3,135 votes. Regardless of which of the finalists wins this contest, all ten finalists will receive a lawn and garden prize package from the Sears Lawn and Garden Crew.

Should the Fun Forest Children’s park win this contest, the lawn and Garden Crew will be paying a visit to the park next month to present the prize.

The City of Chesapeake’s parks and Recreation Department will be holding a meeting later today for the public and volunteers to discuss ideas as to how the site should be rebuilt. The meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at Shelter 1 in City Park located at 900 Greenbrier Parkway. If it should rain the alternate site for the meeting will be the Great Bridge Community center at 212 Holt Drive.

If you are a Chesapeake resident I would recommend that you go to the More Green across America Website and cast your vote for the Fun Forest Children’s park.

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