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Norfolk to get Skate Park

I just read an article in about the coming of Norfolk’s first skate park.  Discussions have taken their toll on some of Norfolk’s City Council members, but it seems that after two years of discussion and planning, the city has finally decided to build the proposed skate park at Northside Park.  The head of the Norfolk Parks and Recreation Department, Darrell Crittendon is ready to recommend to the city council that this skate park be built at the tidewater Drive entrance of Northside Park.  Several council members have already said that they would likely support this proposal for Norfolk’s first skateboarding park.  The proposed skate park is expected to cost $750,000.

For Norfolk area skateboarders this should come as excellent news.  Skateboarding on public streets and parks is illegal in Norfolk as it is in many other cities across the nation.  Having a skate park in Norfolk will make it so that Norfolk skateboarders will not have to go to parks in other cities nearby to avoid being ticketed for skating in public.  The park’s design will be collaboration between council members and local skateboarders.  The skate park is expected to be like an “urban plaza” with railings, steps, ramps and other obstacles that skaters can use to perform tricks.

Hopefully this project will be finished soon so that Norfolk area skateboard enthusiasts can have a place to practice their favorite sport legally.

Click if you would like to read this article entitled, “Norfolk is one step closer to a skateboard park“.

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