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Celebrate by planting a tree

I just read an article in HamptonRoads.com entitled, “Fraim to unveil initiative to beautify city today”. According to this article, Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim unveiled the “Celebrate trees” initiative at the city’s first Living Legacy Grove on Tuesday.  The unveiling took place at 11 a.m. on May 25 at Lakewood Park on Willow Wood Drive. Members of the Environmental Club at Willard Elementary School were on hand to help celebrate this event.

The Celebrate Trees initiative aims to help beautify the City of Norfolk and improve the local environment by motivating residents and businesses to commemorate important events in their lives by planting trees.  Local residents and businesses can also make donations to the Living Legacy Groves directly. The goal of Celebrate trees is to help grow the city’s tree canopy from 33 to 40 which would help to improve local water quality, lower the city’s temperature and reduce air pollution.

I personally think that this is a great idea. What better way to commemorate something as important as a new birth in the family or the engagement of a family member or good friend, than by planting a tree? For years to come, every time you or someone you know sees that tree, they will be reminded of the special occasion that it represents.   By planting a tree to commemorate a special occasion, you will not only have a living reminder of that occasion, you will also be helping to make our city lusher as well as improve the local environment.


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Alien Invaders?

Not likely, but I am sure that folks from Maryland to Hampton Roads probably imagined they saw some UFOs last night after seeing bright shooting lights and cacophonous explosions in the sky.  I personally was not one of the witnesses to this strange phenomenon, I just found out about this when reading and article in HamptonRoads.com entitled, “Streaming lights, explosions reported all along the coast“.  According to this article, the National Weather Service has not yet released an explanation as to what those light and sounds were.  So far the National Weather Service’s Wakefield office has said that there could be a number of possible explanations for this event and that there are people looking into what was the source of the bright streaking light and the subsequent explosion.

Witnesses to this phenomena claimed it was like an orange fireball that streaked across the night sky followed by a loud explosion.   The American Meteor Society is asking any witnesses to this event to go to fill out their Fireball Reporting Form in hopes of being able to identify what this phenomenon actually was.  If you were a witness to this event, please go to the Fireball Reporting Form and give the details of what you saw.  The form may seem a little intimidating at first to those who are not very familiar with the terminology used in astronomy, but it offers explanations to any terms that may be difficult to understand.  This information provided by witnesses can help scientist find a general location where they can search for any evidence of the occurrence.

Please click the following link if you would like to read this article in its entirety at HamptonRoads.com.

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Va Tech remembrance walk/run

While reading an article in HamptonRoads.com just now, I was reminded that the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings is coming up.  According to this article entitled, “Run, walk at VaTech to remember slaying victims”,  Virginia tech will hold a 3.2 mile run/walk on the second anniversary of the VaTech slayings in remembrance of the 32 students who were killed on April 16, 2007.

This “Run for Remembrance”, which will take place on April 16 is free and open to all who wish to participate.  The course will start at the Alumni Mall and stretch 3.2 miles to the Drillfield near the schools memorial for the victims of the April 16 shootings.  This event will begin at 8 a.m. With a balloon release.  There will be a banner for all the participants to sign that will bear the slogan, “I ran 3.2 for the 32”.  At the conclusion of the walk/run organizers will take a group photo of all the runners and walkers.

This is a great opportunity for students, staff and local-area residents to show support for the families of the victims who were murdered in that tragic campus shooting spree.  Pre-registration is recommended.  If you would like to register in advance, you can do so by visiting this registration page.   By pre-registering on that page, you can also request a t-shirt in your size. For more information, please visit the Va Tech Department of Recreational Sports website.

Virginia Tech has suspended all classes on the 16th of April in remembrance of the event that claimed the lives of 32 of its students.


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