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Virginia in top ‘100 best places to live and launch’

I was just reading an article in CNNMoney.com entitled, “100 best places to live and launch” and I saw that Virginia Beach has been ranked number 14 overall. This survey ranks the top 100 U.S. cities that have the best mix of business advantages and lifestyle appeal.

So why did Virginia Beach rank so highly on this survey? A diverse economy, an educated workforce and low taxes are among the things that were highlighted in this article. Other factors include important business sectors such as architectural and engineering firms, building equipment contractors and computer designers and nearby naval bases that attract defense and aviation related companies. The article also mentions some benefits that come with living in or around Virginia Beach such as easy access to the beaches and the number of bike trails and state parks in the area where residents can enjoy their favorite outdoor activities.

According to this survey, the only downside of doing business in Virginia Beach is the fact that the market is saturated for beach-related businesses.

It is good to see Virginia Beach make this top 100 list, but in my opinion, there are other equally nice areas here such as Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Yorktown, Suffolk Newport News and Isle of Wight where new or current residents can set up successful businesses. All of these cities offer convenient access for nearby residents, a strong workforce and growing business sectors as well as a plethora of dining, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Folks who work from home or would like to set up their own business would enjoy any of these communities, which are definitely among the nicer cities in the Hampton Roads area. I have been living and doing business in these areas of Hampton Roads for years and can honestly say that it really is a great place to live and work and things are only getting better.

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